Best of 2017 - Top Golf Courses and Driving Ranges in Raleigh, NC


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    North Carolina is the golf Mecca and here are some of the best golf courses in Raleigh. While we could rate each and every golf course in the area, as its one of our favorite sports, these results are compiled by gathering the reviews and ratings by the people who live, work, and contribute to the Raleigh community. This is the best way to form ratings because it directly involves those who know the facilities best. Raleigh is a a great city that has a lot of advantages over other areas and one of the best advantages is the quality of golf in the area without having to go far at all.

    This blend of urban development and quality golf is envied by people all ove rthe world. People travel to the area specifically for the access to all of the great golf The Triangle has to offer and Raleigh provides a wonderful range of options to escape the hustle of the city and spend the afternoon on the fairways and greens on a plethroa of fantastic golf courses. The courses featured on this list have consistently recieved outstanding reviews and are very popular among residents and community members. In Raleigh, there are 18-hole ranges, driving ranges, and even Pitch-n-putt courses which feature an entire course of Par 3 courses, which is perfect for children, youth, adults, or any group! Pitch-n-putt is a unique format that provides the chance to play a short game of gold; short in terms of distance and time, too!

    Raleigh’s golf resources and facilities are top of the line, blending the finer points of a high-end golf experience with the convenience of an urban, central location. The area is globally admired for its organic marriage between metropolitan significance and exceptional natural wonders, and there are very few ways to appreciate the serenity and peace of the outdoors within the city sprawl like a great game of golf. The lower mainland’s climate generally lends itself to an almost year-round golf season, and the courses are engineered specifically to provide a unique experience that takes advantage of all of the environmental benefits that this corner of the planet has to offer.

    The customer reviews and ratings are generally based on the quality of the facilities, the amount of value of that is offered within the experience based on the amount that it costs financially, customer service and support at the courses, and other unique perks to each golf excursion within the city. For golfers of any level, looking for any type of golfing experience (whether it be competitive, leisurely, or just to practice specific skills) there is a golf course or resource in the city of Raleigh that is perfect for you. Get outside, breathe some fresh air, and spend a day or two golfing in Raleigh; use the suggestions from these ratings and reviews to find the experience that will give you exactly what you are looking for from a Raleigh golf course. Read these ratings to inform your perspective, and get out and hit the links today!